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How to submit a link

Two ways of reviewing links are available on

  • a free one.
  • a pay submission of Euro 5,00 per year fee.

This last review takes 24/48 to be approved, exept for websites not agreeing these Terms and Conditions. The pay review grants the adding of the website to the 'Links Premium' circuit. This circuit is visible over most of the pages of and drives more traffic to your website at a cheap effective cost.
As the subscription is about to expire, users will be notified via e-mail

Website contents

The website pages content has to be interesting and show a layout that ease its understanding. All the websites that show a predominant advertising, violent, against low contents, and mirror websites will not be approved.

Web address features

Add only the base web address of your website in one of the following formats:


Other formats, such as the following, won't be approved:


What words to write to fill the form fields

Website title (max. 60 chars) and description (max. 255 chars) has to be effective, clear and related to website content. The text has to be detailed, not in keywords format. All the reviews not satisfying that criteria will be rejected. Keywords (max. 120 chars) have to be space separated.

How many websites can I submit?

Only 1 link for domain name can be submitted for free reviewing. No limits for Premium links

Responsibilities and privacy declines every liability on websites content hosted by its database and it's not linked to these websites in any case. The liability on websites content falls upon the legal owners.
Once added, the link is tracked as regards received hits; users which purpose is to grow the hits amount by cheating could be blocked and the websites deleted from the database. is not obliged to give any explanation about links exclusions before or after their approvals.
The user, by submitting a link, authorizes to publish the entered text data (website title, description and web address).
The email address will be absolutely neither published on any page of the website nor provided to third parts and will be used only for service communications between staff and its users, and for periodical newsletters.
The user that wish not to receive email communications from anymore has to send a specific request to entering the email address to delete, or can unsubscribe from newsletters by clicking the related link inside the newsletter content.
by clicking on 'Go to the next step', the user agrees and accepts the rules above

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